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Distance Learning Guide

The guide is designed to help you.

Study methodically the material

Practice the techniques in order to gain personal experience, before teaching them

To be able to teach to others successfully

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5 steps

The procedure of material consolidation consists of 5 steps

If you follow these steps and complete every course, you will possess the material and you will have sufficient skill in order to be able to teach successfully.

  • Study
  • Practice the techniques
  • Practice in teaching the techniques with demonstration and verbal guidance
  • Self –assessment test
  • Questions solution

1. Archiving

We recommend that you archive the printed material in a folder separated for each course or for example one folder for asanas, one for anatomy….etc.

2. Study

Read every text 3 times!

First time

In the first time you read try to familiarize with the theme.

Second time

The second time you read the same section read it slowly, carefully and try to locate the main points. If you want you can underlie these points with a pen or color them. In this face you should also underlie a point that you don’t seem to understand with another color. In this way you can submit questions for the points that you don’t understand.

Third time

At the end read the passage a third time, very slowly and stop in each paragraph. Make sure you understand everything before reading the next paragraph. Don’t worry if you can’t yet remember the details for example the names. In this face some of the questions you had in the second face might be answered. If it is about technics the comprehension of the substance will help you execute them. If it is about theory for example anatomy or philosophy you will realize how the point you read is related with your body or life. Consequently that relates to the body and life of other students that you will teach later on.

3. Practice

The practice should be done in the technics:

    The practice includes 2 parts:

      You have to practice the technics both ways for the below reasons:

      When you practice always use a mirror and microphone device to record your voice. This way you can adjust the tone of your voice and after the practice you can hear yourself and correct or add more information about the asanas.

      Also have a note book close to you to note the questions you might have. We recommend that you should use the microphone to hear what you say in the asanas and after compare it, to the steps written in the course.

      4. Test

      The test of self- assessment are designed to help you understand what you know and don’t know for each section.

      • Answer the questions of the test verbally or written only after you have studied the material 3 times as we said above.
      • Answer first the questions that are easy for you and place a mark on them.
      • Place another mark to the ones you don’t know or are not sure.
      • Return to the passage to the point of the question, find the answer and memorize it.
      • Before the final exams after you have read the material for once more, run the tests again especially the ones that you had difficulty finding the answer.
      • Realize if the answer comes easier now.
      • If there are any points that you still have questions contact us before the final exams.
      4.	Test 10+ Years of Experience
      5.	Questions

      5. Questions

      Many questions come to a solution if you follow carefully the above steps. The study of the material 3 times and the personal practice of the technics can solve many questions you might have. If for any reason you continue to have questions contact us via email and we will answer immediately.

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